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Increase your Accuracy, Increase your Awareness, Increase your Profits 

How You Keep Score Matters

You want to improve your bottom line but aren’t sure how. Our 30 years of experience tells us that it begins with proper accounting and reporting that can help you make the right decisions.

Together with Hotel Development and Management Group (HDG) we are excited to offer full accounting services.  Work with an accounting group that can help you to setup your accounting to be industry comparable, and provide operational reporting in addition to monthly Profit and Loss Statements.

Gain a partner that understands the hotel industry and can bring insights in to how to improve your bottom line.


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WORTH adds Hotel Industry Specific

Reporting to your QuickBooks solutions.


CIA Services For QuickBook Users 

Hotel Industry Chart of Accounts setup

Monthly Staffing Review

Migration of History

Daily Income Audits

Bi-Weekly Profit Month to Date Checkup

Mapping of PMs to Accounting

Quarterly P&L Review

CIA QuickBook Services
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WORTH and QuickBooks are

Interfaced in Two Important Ways

Eliminate manual tasks, Increase your accuracy, Increase your Awareness

Automate Your Daily Accounting Functions

Automatically transfer numbers from your PMS to QuickBooks

Eliminate Manual 

Posting Errors

  • Automated DAILY posting of Revenue and Payments from any PMS to any QuickBooks version

  • Fully integrated API to any QuickBooks Online product

  • Manual Import capabilities for QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise versions

Increase the Accuracy

Of Your Reporting

and Accounting 

  • Customizable mapping of transaction codes to accounts

  • Ensure that Transaction Codes go to the right Account every time

Generate a Hotel Industry Standard P&L At The Push of a Button

Our real time API connection increases you awareness without any manual effort.

Format a Hotel Industry

Operating Statement in Real Time

  • Fully integrated API downloads all data in QuickBooks Accounts and reformats it into an Industry Required

  • Operating Statement

  • Manual Export capabilities for QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise versions provides the same data feed

Create a true Operating Statement that helps you make better decisions and drive profits

  • Get industry standard subtotals like Total Payroll, Total Taxes and Benefits, Total Other Expense, and more

  • See Expenses totaled by Department

  • Get meaningful metrics, such as Cost Per Room, Cost Percent of Revenue, and more

  • Get Monthly and Year To Date numbers on one concise report

  • Get an operating statement not just a P&L.  Get insights into your operations and identify areas where savings can be made, without negatively impacting Guest Experience

  • Automatically produce a monthly report that can be compared to industry standards, and matches the format

Worth Plans

Worth Basic

Worth Essential

Worth Complete

Get Started for Less

Than $500 a Year.

Improve Your Income for

as Little as $4.10 a Day

A Total Profit Management

Solution Built for hotel OWNERS

Get more accurate revenue and

payment information in less time

Ensure that your accounting is accurate and

you are getting all the money you should.

Want to know where your

Profit is Month to Date?

Get reporting designed for Owners to make

better operational decisions and point you at

questions you should be asking Employees,

Managers, and Brands.

Create and track your progress

towards the Profit you need!

A full planning and BI program,

but boiled down to the basics that Owners

should know and monitor to drive

Profit to where they need it.

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