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Get the Right Chart of Accounts for your Econo Lodge

We are proud to be working with the ELFA Board of Directors to offer the first 11th Edition Comparable chart of accounts crafted specifically for the economy sector. 

Benefits of this Chart of Accounts include:

  • An Operating Statement that satisfies lenders, insurers, and other industry-related services

  • A cleaner presentation when applying for fee relief

  • Better reception and understanding from outside investors

  • Ability to learn from industry comparison tools like Smith Travel Host, CBRE, Hot Stats, CHOPS, HOPE, and others

  • Better operational analysis

  • Easier enrollment in programs like PPP and Restaurant Revitalization Grants


Don’t let the size of the 11th (soon to be 12th) Edition scare you into not getting the benefits of being Industry Comparable. You can be completely industry comparable with a chart of accounts using fewer than 100 accounts.

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