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Using P&L Analysis to Improve Profit

We were honored to have the opportunity to be on AAHOA’s “Hotel Owners' Academy” talking about the need for Owners to understand the USALI Hotel Standard for Accounting and Reporting.  In the presentation, we discussed that with full USALI compliance, Owners could gain the benefits of comparability to other hotels and industry studies using a small portion of the USALI accounts and guidelines.

As part of the presentation, we offered the attendees several free guidelines and samples to help move towards comparability.

You can access those aides, listed below, by submitting a request.

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In Case You Missed It:

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Improve Your Income Through P&L Analysis

  • While it’s easier than you may think to become USALI Comparable and gain the benefits for being comparable, it is not “simple”.  In addition to the downloads, we are happy to schedule a short call to talk about your goals and offering any assistance we can.

  • There is an order that we recommend you do things in to get the most benefit in the easiest fashion:

    • Change your chart of accounts to be USALI comparable

    • Create a monthly report that follows the USALI Summary Report Format

    • Convert your history, or generate the new report for at least 6 months, then do a Profit Comparison

    • Use the comparable P&L format for at least 12 months (or convert your history) before trying to use Analytics. 

    • Request a What If Profit projection, allowing us to create a Daily GOP point for to measure off.

  • We are an authorized QuickBooks Solution Provider and can provide you a guide for how to update your chart of accounts in QuickBooks to be USALI comparable.  

Free Guides and Examples

Suggested Charts of Accounts for Midscale, Economy, and Minimal Comparable

3 lists of accounts in a single Excel file, each following USALI guidelines.  These charts are presented as a starting point, from which you can add or delete accounts to meet your needs.  The three charts use 138, 99, and 46 accounts.


We are happy to answer questions and provide advice on getting a chart that is right for your situation and still USALI comparable.

A Glossary of the Terminology and Formulas

Written for a presentation by Jyoti Sarolia of Ellis Hospitality.  This Word Document includes definitions of Report Formats, Measures, and Metrics that are often required for Lending, Valuation, and/or Brand Relief.

A PowerPoint explaining how to have a Comparable P&L

An explanation of the 3 components of being USALI Comparable.  Start with an explanation of what you really need to know about Accounts.  Gain a better understanding of why “Report Format” is really the key to being comparable.  Then finish with learning about how coding your revenues and invoices can make a big impact on your comparability.

A sample P&L Format in Excel

An Excel based sample of what a Monthly Operating Statement (often called the P&L) should look like.


This is the format you are looking for in creating your report. NOTE: This is a sample format only.  It does not contain any formulas, and is not intended to use as YOUR report. 


We can help you with developing a report for actual use if you would like.

The AAAHOA Presentation

A copy of the actual PowerPoint that was used in the AAHOA Presentation.

Beyond the Basics

Hotel Operating Profit Evaluation

Compare your hotel’s Profit to hotels of similar size, profile, and revenue to see if you may be able to improve your income.  Using our HOPE website, enter your numbers and download your comparison report. 


Want help reviewing the results and getting some thoughts on improvements?  We’re an email away.

What If Profit

Our newest project, the WIP, uses a minimal amount of input to calculate how many rooms you need to sell to produce profit (avoiding losses) and determine the amount of sales you’ll need to be at the Profit (Income) level you’re looking for as an owner.

Evaluation of your Current Accounting Report Format

Send us your Chart of Accounts and Accounting Reports, and we’ll customize a set of steps and recommendations to get you from where you are to USALI Comparability.

Evaluation of your accounting and operations processes

In our free consultation, we’ll walk through a series of questions designed to help us better understand your operations and reporting.  Then we’ll send you a written set of recommendations of ways you can enhance your Profit Management.

A P&L Review of your Profitability

Once you’re USALI compliant, we offer a 1-time review of your P&L results to help you find areas of concern, and train owners on how to do a P&L review for themselves.


CIA Solutions extends a generous offer to AAHOA Members by providing them with a selection of free guidelines and samples aimed at supporting their journey towards achieving USALI comparability. To access these resources, simply click on the "Get Guidelines NOW!" button below.  As a gesture of our gratitude for your membership, AAHOA Members can enjoy a 100% discount by using Promo Code: AAHOAEDU2023 at the time of checkout.

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