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What's happening with your Profit TODAY?

When we created WORTH, we designed it to be different from other Hotel Dashboards and Daily Reporting Programs. Why make it different than what we’ve done for over 30 years? Our goal was to create dashboards and reports with 3 goals in mind

  1. Design a set of dashboards and reports specifically for Owners, with numbers they would value and want to see.

  2. All hotels are not the same, so WORTH would be designed around Midscale and Economy hotels.

  3. Center everything around PROFIT.

That lead us to design WORTH with a simple to understand, and complicated to figure out goal. We wanted to help Owners see, communicate, and manage PROFIT every day. Now a lot of products will tell you that if you use them, and pay attention your profit will increase. But WORTH is unique in that it helps you determine how to make the Profit you want, and then shows you and your managers how your measuring up to that Goal.

The result of hundreds of conversations with Owners, and the review of thousands of P&L’s we created a method to trend out Profitability. In much the same way that Revenue Management software uses history and other factors to predict future demand, WORTH predicts where profit currently sits. A prediction that has proven to be accurate enough to help you make decisions within the month that will help you increase your month end Profit.

It's a reality of business that sometimes demand will be better than you expected, and sometimes it will be worse than you expected. The real question is, how long does it take you or your manager to see what's happening, and then to react in a away that still drives profit. WORTH is a tool kit that helps you to see issues and make better decisions.


Check Daily Profit Pace on your phone while you eat breakfast


Share what it takes to make the Profit you need, without exposing what you personally make


Don't worry, WORTH provides the typical

daily numbers too

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