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What If Profit (WIP)

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We are accepting 100 more hotels in to What If Profit

Plan and Focus on Profit in minutes!

100 53 spots available

We are opening the next phase of WIP use and looking for 100 hotels to add to our users.

· We will gladly run a test for you before you pay anything.

· It will take less than 30 minutes to get you set up.

· You can likely answer all the requirements off the top of your head.

· It is anonymous and your data will not be shared.

· The cost is $500 a year per hotel should you decide to continue after the test.

· No, there is no obligation to purchase if you sign up for a test.

· If you do not provide the information or skip your slotted test date, you will forfeit your spot.

Accurate Profit projections in less than a minute

  1. After providing us with a few pieces of information, we’ll set you up in the app.

  2. In an online meeting, we’ll show you how it works (we’ve done this in as little as 10 minutes)

  3. We can also work with you to develop specific plans to achieve a monthly objective.

  4. You can then use the program to create Target Profit for your hotel. Profit projections can be made for a day, a week, or a year.

It’s been proven that Profits go up when you have a target and well thought-out plan of how to achieve it. WIP is a way to maintain that benefit, without taking hours to determine if your Profit Goal is achievable. WIP will run test scenarios in under a minute and help you decide how likely you are to be able to make your targeted Income. WIP gives you a way to take control of Revenue Management Meetings and give them a target YOU need to hit.

Forget zero-based budgeting

A lot of single property Owner / Managers don’t do budgets, and most Multi-Property Owners use time-consuming, detailed processes that involve line-by-line numbers, making it more difficult make changes and see the impact.

WIP allows overworked Owner/Managers to get an accurate projection quickly. While Multi-Property Owners gain a tool that allows them to set the top and bottom line of their budget before creating the detailed plans that managers will need to execute to achieve the target. Both types of Owners get a unique tool to help them focus everyone on Profit without having to expose their personal income.

Start with the answer!

Profit and Income shouldn’t just be what’s left of Revenue after you pay all the bills. It’s the reason an owner goes into business for themselves and should be the focus of everyone’s effort. WIP has a simple premise, based on insights from reviewing thousands of P&Ls. WIP starts with the question “How much do you want to make in income?”, and then allows you to see if the Revenue you're projecting will be enough to produce the income you want. Once you’ve determined your target, you can expand WIP to provide Daily, MTD, and YTD measurements to make sure you are on Pace to achieve the income you want or see if you need to adjust to reach the desired level.

We’ve done it over a 1,000 times.

Yes, WIP is a new idea and new application, and we’re rolling it out in a very controlled fashion. As part of Phase 2, you will be using a program that has produced projections over a thousand times for a few hundred hotels. In testing versus actual results, WIP has been shown to be over 90% accurate in its prediction of Profit achieved.

NO, WIP is not being provided as an app guaranteed to produce a projected Profit level. It’s like an extension of Revenue Management for your bottom line. A tool that helps you set strategies, manage to a goal, and make better decisions by looking forward.

Try it for yourself risk free.

Right now, we are offering 100 spots (hotels) in WIP. We begin with a test where we will set WIP up for you, test your numbers for accuracy, and let you use it in a limited fashion for a 90-day period. Most users do a projection monthly, to set expectations and targets for the upcoming month.

Don’t worry we’ll walk you through it, we’re as interested in learning from you as you are in trying WIP.

To be clear, there are spots for 100 hotels, not 100 owners. Last year, the total spots were taken by a single company. So, they can go quickly. Once the spots are filled, it will be at least 90 days before we take on any other users. If you are at all interested, it’s best to sign up for a spot, you can always cancel later.

Do you know how many rooms you have to sell to produce profit?

We can answer this and many other questions that you SHOULD know. We know hotels, we know small business, and we know profit management.

Click the buttons below to learn more about WIP and the rest of WORTH, or Ask us anything and see if we can solve a problem for you.

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