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What If Profit (WIP)

We are accepting 100 more hotels in to What If Profit

Plan and Focus on Profit in minutes!

100 spots available

We are opening the next phase of WIP use and looking for 100 hotels to add to our users.

· We will gladly run a test for you before you pay anything.

· It will take less than 30 minutes to get you set up.

· You can likely answer all the requirements off the top of your head.

· It is anonymous and your data will not be shared.

· The cost is $500 a year per hotel should you decide to continue after the test.

· No, there is no obligation to purchase if you sign up for a test.

· If you do not provide the information or skip your slotted test date, you will forfeit your spot.

Accurate Profit projections in less than a minute

  1. After providing us with a few pieces of information, we’ll set you up in the app.

  2. In an online meeting, we’ll show you how it works (we’ve done this in as little as 10 minutes)