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  • Jim D

You can't be too big for QuickBooks

QuickBooks and WORTH are the great solution for Multi-Property Hotel Owners

There are a lot of really good Accounting Software solutions for Hotel Owners to choose from, and they have their strengths. For years a lot of these companies have told owners "Eventually you'll outgrow QuickBooks" or "QuickBooks isn't a hotel specific solution". That may have partially true in the past but with the functionality upgrades in QuickBooks Advanced, the addition of CIA's WORTH to the QuickBooks App store, and some things you may not know about the totality of QuickBooks solutions and WORTH functionality, it's now safe to say You Can't Be Too Big For QuickBooks!

Want to see How WORTH Makes QuickBooks a better solution than the so-called Hotel Accounting Systems

Some simple facts about QuickBooks and WORTH you should consider

WORTH and QuickBooks can provide you with a COMPLETE Back Office Solution.

By Bundling WORTH and QuickBooks you can get

  • A complete back office solution

  • One single source of support for Accounting, Planning, Dashboards, Payroll, Time Keeping and more.

  • One price that will save you money

  • Multi-Property Reporting – Comparable and Consolidated

  • Invoice splitting between hotels

  • Separate views for manager and owners

  • Ways to tell your managers what to do next, not just what happened yesterday and last month

QuickBooks offers more than bookkeeping and WORTH offers unique metrics and analysis that is designed to focus everyone from Owners to managers on Profit on a Day by Day basis.