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Get a FREE Accounting, Operations, and Reporting Consultation

CIA Solutions is partnering with QuickBooks to bring profit management to Independent Owners. QuickBooks the leader in Small Business Accounting Solutions and CIA Solutions a company with over 30 Years’ experience in Hotel Profitability Management Planning and Tracking are working together to provide a solution to Independent Owners designed specifically for them. Our new solution is a direct result of our belief that hotels are not all the same and neither are the needs of their owners. If you’re on property every day, you don’t need a report telling you how many rooms you sold. Our process and reports are designed to address helping you get better numbers to make decisions, without requiring you to lose time entering data or reading confusing reports created for companies that employ full time analysts.

As the only hotel specific QuickBooks Solutions Provider we can help you get the right version of QuickBooks,

Free Consultation

  1. Review of your QuickBooks Version and usage

  2. Review of your Chart of Accounts and suggestions to make you industry comparable

  3. Review of your monthly statement and it’s effectiveness with Lenders, Investors, Brands, Potential Buyers, and other Industry Related Entities.

  4. Review of Payroll and Time Keeping

  5. Review of Labor Management Process

  6. Review of Daily Accounting Processes

  7. Review of Operational Processes

Takes between 15 and 30 minutes over video conference.

You will receive an overall score, a list of specific recommendations, and a proposal of what we can do for you with the cost. There is no obligation to purchase any product or service.

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