DSTAT Daily Statistics & Reports

Computer Ingenuity Associates DSTAT accounting report software tracks daily revenue statistics. DSTAT is a night audit tool, a property flash report and a corporate reporting system.

With a highly customizable design, DSTAT can track virtually any daily statistic including data on occupied rooms, market segment totals, food & beverage statistics, arrivals, express checkouts, frequent stay club rooms, etc.

The statistics and revenue screens of DSTAT can be expanded to include a full daily accounting journal. This functionality is customized to your existing report format using MS-Excel.

Special interfaces can be implemented that import data from existing Property Management Systems to eliminate errors from retyping values. On screen control sums can be added to assure the accuracy of the data.

Property level data from DSTAT is transmitted electronically to corporate offices where data can be combined to form company wide reports. The transfer can be performed via email, ftp or direct WAN connections. All data in the expanded format is also transmitted and can be interfaced to other computer programs. Optional exports provide uploads to accounting systems.

When packaged with Computer Ingenuity's Financial Planning System, DSTAT's reports can automatically integrate daily actuals, forecast and budget values onto one report.


DSTAT generates the following critical reports:

Daily Flash

  • Room Statistics and revenue by segment
  • Food statistics and revenue by outlet by meal period
  • Beverage revenue and averages by outlet

Daily Room Register

  • The actual number of rooms sold, average rate, and revenue by segment for each day

Analysis by Day

  • Provides trending information for a range of months that can be used for forecasting and budgeting

Analysis by Month

  • Provides a variety of subtotals and averages designed for use in budgeting and forecasting

Budget Variance Report

  • Summary information designed to provide a quick review of property performance
  • Can be run for one property, an entire region, the entire company

Month End Reports

  • That data stored in DSTAT can be used to produce a variety of month end reports to be included in routine month end managers recaps

Room Revenue Adjustment Report

  • Provides a recap by segment of adjustments to room revenue

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